At the Verge by Asako Nakauchi

Friday, June 14, 2013
8:00 AM - 7:00 PM
Harriet Barry Gallery
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Cate Dodson

“At the Verge” by UWRF Scultpure Professor, Asako Nakauchi, now showing the Harriet Barry Gallery.  Asako's work will remain on exhibit through June 14th.  The gallery is open during public hours:

Asako's artist statement: Since the time I was very young, I have been conscious about environmental issues.  As a child I recall learning about the exploding global population, pollution, the endangered status of uncountable species, the challenges of waste and landfill management, the human health impacts resulting from these issues, and finally, global warming.  So, I, like many of us “know” about those problems.  Lately however, my apprehension around these issues has grown dramatically as I’ve started seeing more visible examples.  It feels like things are moving at a faster rate.  For instance, the glaciers are melting at 10 times the pace that scientists had predicted.  I have always believed that we are capable of solving the hardest problems we put our collective mind to.  But lately I find myself wondering, can we really find a solution before it’s too late?  An astonishing number of species are disappearing.  We are witnessing the mysterious disappearance of a large population of bees.  For many problems, we don’t even yet know or understand the cause.  I like efficiency, convenience, and comfort in our modern life as much as the next person.   But I do wonder if we yet really know what we are trading for it?   What if it is something that is out of our hands? 
In the show, I use old VHS tape, window blind materials, coffee filters, Plexiglas, and yogurt cups.  The 99% of the materials in this installation are salvaged.  I would like to express the urgency I feel within this particular moment by giving those discarded materials a second life.

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