PEACE Dialogue: Food Justice with Byron Hurt

Thursday, October 10, 2013
9:30 AM - 11:00 AM
Falcon's Nest, University Center
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Student Life

PEACE Dialogue: Food Justice with Byron Hurt


At the most basic level, food justice advocates for food security; no one should live without enough food because of economic constraints or social inequalities. Achieving food justice requires active engagement in our communities.  We must work to understand the complexities of the inequalities that currently exist and commit to developing and sustaining new ways of being that ensure the right of ALL people and communities to produce, distribute, and have access to nutritious and healthy food.

Byron Hurt addresses provocative topics such as race, gender, and violence through his films, writings, and lectures. His recent acclaimed film is Soul Food Junkies, which explores the health advantages and disadvantages of Soul Food, a quintessential American cuisine. Hurt uses Soul Food as the lens to investigate the dark side of the food industry and the growing food justice movement that has been born in its wake.

This dialogue will be hosted by the YWCA of Minneapolis and is supported by the Office of Student Life & Peer Empowerment And Community Education; Byron Hurt will be present for this dialogue. For questions or accommodations necessary to experience this opportunity, please e-mail or call 715.425.4444. or  


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