Monica Haller: Objects for Deployment

Friday, October 18, 2013
10:00 AM - 8:00 PM
Gallery 101, Klienpell Fine Arts
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Art Department Event
Susan Zimmer
Art Department

The Veterans Book Project (VBP) is an artwork created by Monica Haller (Guggenheim Fellow 2010).  In 2005, motivated by a desire to understand the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, Haller began asking veterans and others with first-hand experience to help her understand war from their perspectives. After finishing her first collaborative artwork in book form devoted to this research, Riley and His Story (Paris: Onestar, 2009), Haller began facilitating book-making workshops around the country where veterans organize their personal archives of photographs and writing into manuscripts, which are published as print-on-demand books and free downloads. These books comprise the VBP library.


Through the generosity of The American Legion Fletcher-Pechacek Post 121, the UWRF Chalmer Davee Library, UWRF Veteran Services, UWRF Veterans Club and individual donors, a complete set of the books has been purchased for the exhibition.  After the exhibition, the books will be available through the Chalmer Davee Library.


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